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Weekend Picks - April 24, 2008

Lei Chic’s guide to the weekend’s best events.Green House EffectWhat: The Earth Day celebration at Pacific Home is a crash course in greening up your house. Take in the photo exhibit of the Good Home on Maui , Hawaii ’s…

Politics in Hawaii: Is Something Broken?

From the Bishop Estate scandal of the 1990s to today’s Act 221 and Department of Education governance, politics in Hawai‘i is plagued by a lack of transparency and accountability.


In a world of big-box stores and national chains, this college neighborhood manages to keep the indie vibe alive and well.

Live Well for Less

Want to beat the high cost of living in the Islands? Move to Minneapolis. Barring that, you can read this story, which has ideas on how to stretch your dollar.


...on the 50 Greatest Hawaii Songs, live jazz in Hawaii and on the use of scientific theory to prove that God exists.


July 2007 Letters to the Editor

Our City on Rails

After decades of false starts, Honolulu is closer than it’s ever been to a mass-transit rail system. So what’s next? What’s this thing going to look like? And will it work?

Best Places to Live

Whether you're enjoying retirement or saving for your kids' college tuition, loving life in the fast lane or trying to slow down, we've got the neighborhood for you.

Letters - May

Letters to the Editor may be sent to: Honolulu Magazine, 1000 Bishop St., Suite 405, Honolulu, HI, 96808-0913, faxed: 537-6455 or e-mailed: "Iraq: Was Bush Right?" March 2006 A University of Hawai'i professor, R.J. Rummel, Ph.D., wrote in support…

Our Schools: Has Anything Changed?

In May 2001, we published "The Death of Public School," taking the state Department of Education to task for failing to do its job. It's been five years—has public education gotten any better?


Jerry Glanville

The 21st Annual Hale ‘Aina Awards

HONOLULU Magazine's Hale 'Aina Awards are the most prized dining awards in the Islands. Debuting in 1984, they were the first awards to recognize local tastes-rather than those of Mainland magazines. Hale 'Aina means "eating place." It is the closest…

Who is Mike Gabbard?

It's hard not to like Mike Gabbard, once you meet the guy. In June, the city councilman hosted a talk-story meeting at the Wai'anae Public Library. These get-togethers have been monthly rituals for Gabbard since he was elected to represent the Wai'anae-to-'Ewa district in 2002.