Level 4: A Night of Surprises

I visited Level 4 again last Friday, November 7 and noticed that they have now added VIP tables on stage. I was happy to see it because I had mentioned that as a suggestion in my previous blog about Level 4.  The tables looked great on stage and they should sell themselves.  Now, Level 4 just needs to put the DJ booth up there and possibly create a dance floor in the freed-up space.

“Who you know” still gets you in past the general and VIP line. A friend and I tagged along anonymously with a group of 10, who knew someone who worked there.  We didn’t stand in the general line and we didn’t stand in the VIP line.  Instead, we created our own line right down the center in front of the rope as they let us cut. 

It was surprising to see, but as we left we saw Lost’s Daniel Dae Kim walking up the escalator.  What line do you think he went in?