Honolulu Night Market guide: Pow Wow Hawaii Kickoff Party

Photo by Trenton Kakazu

HNMPWThis weekend marks the kickoff for one of the largest urban displays of live art as Pow! Wow! takes over the streets of Our Kakaako. This time, Honolulu Night + Market joins forces with Pow Wow to launch this event that draws thousands from across the globe. With a whopping 13 new vendors, more than half of the retail warehouse will be filled with local artists, retailers and even a floral shop. Among the food offerings will be noms from newbies Bao Boys, Oji Rolls and Pacifico Pizza.

Be sure to catch live art by Pow Wow Hawaii artists and musical performances by the Pow Wow School of Music!


When: Saturday, Feb. 6 from 6 to 11 p.m.
Where: 449 Cooke St.
Admission: Free
Parking: On-site and street parking; paid parking at Restaurant Row


The entertainment

Pow Wow School of Music performances
Pow Wow Hawaii Artists live painting

The shopping

Misha Lam Jewelry (jewelry)
Anna Grace Jewelry (jewelry)
Nilma Hunter Creations (jewelry)
Flotsam & Co (jewelry)
Avant Pop (apparel)
Drone (apparel)
Exempli Gratia (apparel)
XIX Palms (apparel)
Oceans End (accessories)


Auds & Ends (accessories)
Star Boutique (apparel)
Alohilani Boutique (apparel)
Pulau Swimwear (swimwear)
Get Salty (accessories)
World of Good Travel (travel)
Pow! Wow! Hawaii (art)
Rob Branson Art (art)
RAW International (art)
Flore21 (floral shop)
Island Doggie (pet accessories)
Of One Sea (apparel)
Diamond Head Clothing (apparel)

The food

Aloha Pops

alohapopsOn the menu: Fun and creative gourmet popsicles made with fresh ingredients here in Hawaii


Bao Boys

baoboysOn the menu: Half-moon baos stuffed with farm-fresh fillings like pork belly, kalbi and more!


Beyond Burgers

beyond burgers
On the menu: Gourmet burgers, bacon wrapped hot dogs, and other delicious grilled eats


Crazy Country Corn

cornOn the menu: fresh roasted corn on the cob with butter and various toppings and salts


Girls Who Bake

girls who bakeOn the menu: Yummy baked goods and treats


Hawaii’s Fried Musubi

fried musubiOn the menu: Signature deep fried musubi, fried chicken and other local favorites


Hawaii’s Twisted Tater

twisted taterOn the menu: Unique twisted potatoes with savory toppings



koifood_001_photoOn the menu: Local favorites


Oji Rolls

ojirollsOn the menu: Sushi Handrolls


Otsuji Farms

otsujifarmsOn the menu: Delicious farm fresh vegetables are transformed into out of the box dishes and rolls


Taste of Indonesia

Taste-of-Indonesia-150x150On the menu: Traditional Indonesian street food and skewers


Taste Tea

Taste TeaOn the menu: Your favorite blends of milk tea, boba, and coffee


Tea on Fleek

Teaonfleek-HNMOn the menu: Unique and refreshing iced tea blends with fruit and other toppings


Pacifico Pizza

Pacifico PizzaOn the menu: Neapolitan-style wood fired pizzas with fresh toppings