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Saint Andrew’s Schools

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Saint Andrew’s School
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More than 150 years ago, Queen Emma established St. Andrew’s Priory, now the oldest girls’ school in Hawai‘i. Today, The Priory thrives as the cornerstone of St. Andrew’s Schools, which has grown to include The Prep for boys and Queen Emma Preschool – an enduring testament to a young queen’s towering vision to educate the Hawaiian people.

Coordinate Education: Best of Both Worlds

The K-12 education program is the only coordinate system in Hawai‘i, offering two single-gender schools on the same campus. Girls and boys are educated separately in the classroom yet can socialize together on campus. Understanding and embracing the differences between boys and girls allows The Priory and The Prep to create optimal conditions for all students to Kūlia i ka Nu‘u (“strive for the highest”) and reach their full potentials.

Saint Andrew’s Schools

Social-Emotional Learning = School Success

St. Andrew’s Schools interweave social-emotional learning and “learning by doing” into their interdisciplinary programs. Through “RULER,” an evidence-based program created out of Yale University’s Center for Emotional Intelligence, teachers, parents, and students develop their emotional intelligences using the tools and strategies provided. This school-wide program promotes emotional literacy, which is one of the best predictors of school performance and career success.

“The legacy of Queen Emma shines through in the way our students develop as courageous and compassionate leaders. Our small classes allow every student to engage in authentic learning, which inspires them to be innovative changemakers.”

— Ruth R. Fletcher, Ph.D., Head of School

Innovation and Inquiry: “Learning by Doing”

At St. Andrew’s, students uncover their unique strengths, passions, and interests through discovery, creation, and self-reflection, in a learning environment steeped in the school’s Hawaiian and Episcopal heritage. Diverse opportunities invite students to investigate the world, learn from different perspectives, research and communicate ideas, and take purposeful action. High school students can enhance their diplomas with a Global Leadership Distinction through their course work, independent inquiry projects, and international travel. The Priory in the City program enables all senior class students to gain valuable career experience through internships in nearby downtown Honolulu industries of their choice, in support of their future college major or area of interest.


Saint Andrew’s Schools

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St. Andrew’s Schools