Honolulu Waldorf School

Kula Ho‘omohala Pua (Early Childhood–Grade 9)

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Photo: Courtesy of Honolulu Waldorf School.

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Suzy Travis
Head of School

Founded in 1961, the Honolulu Waldorf School provides an extraordinary, progressive education for children beginning in preschool (age 2) through grade 9.

Grounded in the core values and principles of Waldorf education, children are immersed in a rich program that meets them at their unique developmental stages of growth, fosters creativity and imagination, ignites curiosity, and inspires deep, lifelong learning.

Children discover who they are and acquire the essential skills to pursue their dreams and reach their potential. Students learn in a natural environment, with nurturing faculty and staff who love and understand them.


Children who complete a Waldorf education head into the world with a depth of knowledge, strong foundational skills for learning, compassion and empathy for others, and a healthy self-image. In our early childhood program, students develop strong language and preliteracy skills through storytelling, puppetry, and dramatic arts. In the Grades program, every subject is integrated into Main Lesson units. Upper grades dive into a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum including topics like sacred geometry, physics, chemistry, and revolutions.

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Photo: Courtesy of Honolulu Waldorf School.


We are an ‘ohana that instills the values of care, kindness, and service to others. Coursework expands into the community with off-campus service projects and trips, and we celebrate the world around us through school festivals and special events that allow the children to bring their learning to life.


At Honolulu Waldorf School, students learn by doing. On campus, children are jumping rope while counting in multiples, singing songs, knitting, building, woodworking, walking on stilts, designing experiments, and discovering. When it rains, they put on jackets and head outdoors to play in the mud, invent games, and find joy in whatever the day offers. We cherish childhood and give them space and time to freely explore.Hws Monkeypod Logo Final Sun Transparent Background Copy

Join Our ‘Ohana

Honolulu Waldorf School welcomes students from diverse social, learning, economic, and cultural backgrounds. The school year begins in August; we offer rolling admissions (space permitting). Tuition assistance and more detailed information can be found on our website.


350 Ulua Street, Honolulu, HI 96821 | (808) 377-5471 | honoluluwaldorf.org