Did this: Honolulu Night Market

Kakaako pulsed to life last night courtesy of the city’s second Honolulu Night Market, with live music, live art, live improv, skateboarding demos, pop-up retail in a glittering warehouse, a fashion show and DJs spinning, plus street food, cafes and pop-up bars.

Did you get all that? Nonstop checked out the scene, then sat back and let your Instagrams tell the story. Here’s a quick compilation thanks to @ourkakaako, @chrishall78, @relleyyy, @thirstforcolor, @colbytee, @johngarcia, @statonann, @sassylouie, @bweeshoff, @kelli4d, @markrau, @micasa808, @kimeebalmilero, @hellaguapo, @improvhi, @lyhi and @hnlnightmarket.


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