Author: Jenny Quill

Chinatown Now

MORE THAN ANY OTHER O‘AHU NEIGHBORHOOD, CHINATOWN IS A DIFFERENT PLACE FOR EVERYONE WHO VISITS. For some, it’s a bustling marketplace, full of bargains and unique items. For others, it’s an arts district that comes alive on the first Friday…

White Night

The Skyline turns two, with a big anniversary bash, June 3.

New Year Blooms

Chinese New Year begins January 29, the day of the first new moon, and ends 15 days later.

Top Gun

Mild-mannered dentist by day, lethal spear-gun creator by night.

Flirting 101

Some people are natural flirts; they're born with the gift of gab and a megawatt smile that send hearts a-flutterin'. Then there are the rest of us. While not hopeless, we could certainly fine-tune our game. How, you ask? University…