21 Wins for HONOLULU Magazine at the Hawaiʻi Publishers Association Pa‘i Awards

HONOLULU Magazine snags awards in more than half of the categories at this year’s Hawaiʻi Publishers Association Awards.
Honolulu Magazine Staff
Photo: Matthew Dekneef


At HONOLULU Magazine we enjoy telling great stories about local people. However, sometimes we take a break from our regular online content to applaud our team for their hard work and dedication. This week at the Hawai‘i Publishers Association’s Pa‘i Awards, we took home 21 awards in more than half of the available categories.


Congratulations to our writers, designers and photographers for a job well done. Also, hats off to our sister publication Hawai‘i Magazine, which also took home awards.


First Place Awards:

Editorial Feature: “Shark!”

By Don Wallace


Judges’ comments: “Oh my god … Great lead, terrific storytelling, nice mix of concrete details and broad-stroking science reporting—but as an occasional surfer back in the day, I go back to ‘oh my god.’”


Editorial Column: “‘Ono: Food And Dining”

By Catherine Toth Fox

Judges’ comments: “Catherine Toth Fox eloquently writes her reviews through the story of the food, the chef and/or the restaurant. Each piece gives us not only a review, but also a story on the side—and the writing is captivating.”


Editorial Opinion: “Who Owns Hawai‘i’s Culture?

By Don Wallace

Judges’ comments: “Great writing. Although the topic has received a great deal of attention in recent months, this writer gives it a freshness from beginning to end.”


Business And Industry Reporting: “The Essential Guide To Local Fruit”

By Catherine Toth Fox, Don Wallace, Katrina Valcourt

Essential Guide to Local Fruit

Judges’ comments: “The top entries told stories of important and compelling issues through the lens of individuals, making the stories not just about the issue, but also about the person in the story.”


General Website Excellence: honolulumagazine.com

Judges’ comments: “Bright, well-organized pages. Good use of photos to bring out the sections on the main pages and article pages.”


Social Media Excellence: Honolulu Magazine

By Diane Lee, Enjy El-Kadi


Online Reporting: “Remember Pearl Harbor”

By Diane Lee, Enjy El-Kadi and Staff


Online Video: “Remember Pearl Harbor”

By Diane Lee

Judges’ comments: “Good open. Nice audio and video matches.”


Special Section Excellence: “Remember Pearl Harbor”

By Willis Hoover

Judges’ comments: “You served your readers very well with this section. Content pushed this entry into first place with compelling stories that are well written and engaging … Overall, very nice work!”


Excellence in Cover Design (Coated Stock): “Where To Eat Now”

By Kristin Lipman

HM Cover

Judges’ comments: “Clean, expressive, focused design with a bright, vibrant, hard-to-capture image. Well done!”


Excellence in Design (Coated Stock): “Cheap Eats”

By Kristin Lipman

Cheap Eats

Judges’ comments: “It’s all about the drama! It was a creative choice to choose to photograph the food using a graphic, fearless style. The result is vivid and precisely art-directed photos … The layout is fun and engaging.”


Essay Photography (Coated Stock): “Model Citizens”

By Tommy Shih

Judges’ comments: “Wow. This photographer took some chances and had some fun. I appreciate all the time and effort that went into this photo shoot.”


Feature Photography (Coated Stock): “Model Citizens”

By Tommy Shih

Judges’ comments: “Phenomenal series here … What I want to compliment is the planning these images took. You didn’t just place a subject in a pretty place and click the shutter. These images took a lot of work and technical proficiency.”


Digital Newsletter Excellence: “Honolulu Weekend Picks”

By Diane Lee, Enjy El-Kadi, Marisa Heung, Christy Davis


Excellence in Illustration: “How Hawai‘i Charmed Mark Twain”

By AJ Frena

Mark Twain

Judges’ comments: “Very artistic, especially in its detail, its color contrast and use of flora, fauna and fire. Works beautifully with the text.”


Second Place Awards:

Directories: “2017 All-Island Restaurant Guide”

By HONOLULU Magazine Staff

Judges’ comments: “Incredible photography, exhilarating design—a terrific effort.”


Editorial Feature: “End Of Sugar”

By Michael Keany

The End of Sugar

Judges’ comments: “Loved the extended lead … In this case, the length of the piece became an asset. Sophisticated, intelligent and ultimately empathetic. Nicely done.”


Online Video: “Kamaka Looks Forward”

By Diane Lee, Aaron K. Yoshino

Judges’ comments: “I like the idea of an educational series … Good use of chord cue inset.”


Arts & Entertainment: “Kamaka Looks Forward”

By James Charisma

Kamaka Ukulele

Judges’ comments: “What a fun family to get to know! The writer does a great job introducing us to a family with a unique business and outlook on their work.”


Excellence In Illustration: “Cats Vs. Birds (And Everyone Else)”

By Michael Byers

Cats vs Birds

Judges’ comments: “Graphic-novelesque approach communicates the point very effectively. Works well with the text.”


Excellence In Design (Coated Stock): “Farm Fresh”

By Kelsey Ige

Farm Fresh

Judges’ comments: “The designer effectively combined a variety of images, illustration techniques and text into a visually exciting layout.”


Hawai‘i Magazine:

Social Media Excellence: Hawai‘i Magazine

Second Place


Excellence In Cover Design (Coated Stock): “The Islands Are Calling”

Second Place

By Cody Kawamoto, Christine Hitt, Matthew Dekneef

Hawaii magazine cover

Judges’ comments: “Minimalist and attractive front that directs the eye and calls for attention.”


Sports Reporting: “Women Who Conquer the Kaiwi”

Second Place

By Matthew Dekneef, Christine Hitt