11 Jawsome Shark Week Buys

Fashion and beauty pieces you’ll want to sink your teeth into.

The storms may have abated, but don’t get complacent yet. There’s another killer on our radar moving in from the east. It’s got a mean bite, so stay out of the water and keep your eyes sharp for signs of danger.

In other words, we’re officially on shark watch—when it comes to Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, at least. It’s TV’s most ferocious programming of the summer, so we’ve developed a special prep list of fintastic pieces that will get you through the week, from shark-themed suds to predatorial duds.

Let the feeding frenzy begin.

1. Feel free to mouth off with this stylized phone case. $35, society6.com.

2. Infused with energizing royal jelly, Bathing With Sharks body wash will get you ready to face the beasts. $16, notsoapradio.com.

3. Show your teeth with Tiffany Chou’s edgy, gold, double-finger ring. $70, tiffanychou.com.

4. Cheeky Shark-Fin Soap contains softening seaweed, exfoliating sea salt and lime oil. $5.95, lushusa.com.

5. We loved it in black, but the earthtones in this newer mocha color make the clutch even more casual chic. $160, kamerajewelry.com.

6. Hip horizontal stripes complement the striking jaw bone print on this Poolhouse! tee. $34, urbanoutfitters.com.

7. These whimsical, retro swim shorts come in a lightweight fabric and toothy-grin print in ice cream pastels. $56.11, asos.com.

8. Toss your chum—er, lunch—in this eco-friendly, quick-drying lunch bag. $14.95, crateandbarrel.com.

9. Sinister, circling reef sharks grace this hip, graphic Samudra pouch-style clutch. $65, shop.samudra11.com.

10. Supple silk, a draping silhouette and a surreal shark print make this kaftan a real statement piece. $300, maisondej.com.

11. Jewelry by Justine’s handmade, one-of-a-kind shark-tooth necklaces come on contrastingly delicate chains. $60–$80, Fighting Eel, 629 Kailua Road.