Restaurant Guide

¤ Restaurant Guide




Four Perfect Days

We have assembled the ideal breakfast, lunch and dinner itineraries for Oahu, Kauai, Maui and the Big Island.


25 Reasons to Eat Breakfast

Put down that boring box of bran, because we have found the most delicious, wake-me-up and go-go breakfasts available from Island restaurants.


Feed Your Needs

Whether you're looking for a place to take Grandpa or a dining room that will let you bring Lassie, here are some restaurants that can satisfy your unique needs.


Restaurant Astrology

Try our horoscope-based recommendations at some of the Islands' best restaurants.



24 Perfect Pupu

For many people, pupu are the best part of a meal.  To find stellar pupu for you, we taste-tested appetizers statewide—here are the yummiest.

The Art of Sushi

Take a fresh perspective on our Islands' beloved sushi, and see why this classic Japanese food presentation results in shoku no bi—"beautiful eating."

Behind the Glass

Honolulu's bar scene is changing.  Meet the people responsible for the transformation.

Dining with Shorty

Trying to have a decent meal while you have kids in tow? This mom has found the solutions.


¤ From Wave to Table


Up Close with Abalone

For a unique family—and culinary—adventure, visit an abalone farm on the Big Island.


Worth their Salt

The ancient art of salt making attracts new converts.


Mad about Moi

Once difficult to find, moi has become an affordable, easily accessible option for fish lovers.

The Wave of the Future

Will high-tech marine design create spheres capable of raising thousands of pounds of ahi?

PLUS: A Sea of Change
Sustainable Seafood 101
Water World
Going Once, Going Twice, Sold!
A "Junk" Fish is Transformed