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Hush, or Tell?

Looking inside two VIP rooms at Hush Boutique Nightclub and Lounge.

Photo by 8 Photo FX

The foyer live prop.

Photo by: Christine Hitt

Hush Boutique Nightclub and Lounge’s grand opening was last Thursday at the Hawaiian Monarch hotel.  No doubt the hotel is in need of a renovation, but once you step off the ratty carpet and onto the tiled floor that fronts Hush’s entrance, you leave the hotel’s dated decor behind and enter into a different place and time… 1900 France comes to mind with a sultry, red-light-district, Moulin Rouge theme. 

Glass beads adorn the entryway as you walk into the foyer, which is set-up to look like a girl’s dressing room, complete with a live, half-dressed girl as their prop.  How original!  Fishnets, a garter, corset and bright red bra complete her ensemble and you can watch her as she puts on her makeup at a vanity table and stool in front of an ornate mirror framed by red and black tasseled curtains.  Pose your friends around her for a saucy photo, but keep in mind that she doesn’t break character.

Inside the main room, the color red continues to accent the white couches and walls by way of large, velvety curtains, pillows, balloons, long-stemmed roses and feather boas.  Private VIP rooms are available separated by white pillars and glass beads and include its own flat screen TV’s.  The red curtains fronting the VIP rooms can also be closed for added privacy.  A larger, more open VIP lounge is available near the bar. On opening night, fashion photographer, Russell Tanoue, and friends occupied this space.  Marlene Baldueza, known as a member of the popular all-female singing group, Forte, was there to sing.  And, owners, Raymond Ho and son, Raymond Ho Jr. with their families, were there to give their thanks.

The main room lounge (left) and owners Raymond Ho Jr., Raymond Ho Sr. with singer, Marlene Baldueza.

Photos by: Christine HItt

Although Hush’s food menu was not available to sample just yet (it has a full kitchen), the cocktails were superb.  Watch out Nobu and Lewer’s Lounge, because Pure Seduction and Menage a Trois, concocted by Hush, are fantastic drinks with mixtures of Skyy raspberry, Passion Fruit, Chambord, Champagne and Triple Sec.

Goldie Balbirona enjoying Hush's Menage a Trois drink.

Photo by: Christine HItt

There is much detail put into Hush that patrons will appreciate—right down to the ruby red pumps hanging from the wall of a vip room. When it adds food, and a few more tables in the second room, I would put Hush on par with a Vegas lounge—notice, I said lounge, not nightclub—much closer than Level 4 anyway.  Hush is something to talk about.

Ages: 23+
Tuesday - Saturday 8 p.m. to 4 a.m.

Hawaiian Monarch Hotel
444 Niu St., Honolulu, HI.