Saint Patrick School

St. Patrick



Dedicated to a quality Catholic education that believes all children can learn, succeed and discover their own special talents, this preschool to eighth-grade school has been successfully preparing children to be lifelong learners for 88 years. Working with parents, our teachers challenge students in a positive and caring learning environment. Academic programs and extracurricular activities offer students 21st-century knowledge and skills, as well as foster lifelong lessons in leadership, creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration.


“Our learning environment inspires children to acquire values, ethics and morals that guide their life decisions and their responsibilities to family, community and the world,” says Sister Anne DeCosta, Saint Patrick School’s vice president and director of education.


The Early Learning Program provides the youngest students a foundation for learning success through age-appropriate projects, learning centers and play activities. In grades 1 through 4, students expand their knowledge in language arts, social studies and science while learning to work cooperatively to problem solve and think critically. In grades 5 through 8, students deepen their knowledge of core academics and discover personal talents through diverse electives in foreign language, computer technology, fine arts and elective sciences (robotics, astronomy, etc.).


As a member of the Catholic Schools League, students participate in competitive sports in basketball, volleyball and track and field.


“When our students graduate from Saint Patrick, they are well prepared to go on to their next school and to face whatever challenges await them to make the world better and to serve the common good,” says Sister Anne.


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St Patrick