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Catching Up


So you’ve missed the deadline to apply to a private school. Maybe you’re a military family and you’ve arrived in the Islands after a school’s application deadline. Is all hope lost? In this economy, the answer is, probably not. While some schools adhere to strict deadlines, many schools allow students to apply throughout the year.


“Pacific Buddhist Academy uses a rolling admissions process, which means there are not strict deadlines,” says Pacific Buddhist Academy head of school Joshua Hernandez Morse. “We would certainly hope to coordinate a timeline with prospective families if they anticipate there might be delays in the application process, but we have processed and admitted candidates from other countries, for example, by including a Skype interview.”


But what should you do if you’ve missed a hard deadline? Contact the school’s admissions office to explain any extenuating circumstances or inquire on open spaces.


“It really depends on when in the year it is. We try to be sensitive and flexible to late applicants,” explains ‘Iolani School director of admissions Kelly Monaco. The difficulty of creating an entire class from scratch often makes for strict kindergarten deadlines, but some schools looking to fill open spaces in other grade levels may be able to accommodate late applications. It can’t hurt to check with the school’s admissions office.


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Each of Hawai‘i’s independent schools has its own unique culture. You can see it in diverse courses and activities, philosophies, environments and the ways in which students learn. So how, exactly, do schools define their culture and work it into the curriculum?​


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