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Assets School

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Paul M. Singer, Head of School

Assets School celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2015. Our theme, “60 Years of Learning that Transform Lives,” celebrates Assets’ mission to create a community in which all children thrive and realize their own potential, so that society benefits from their unique talents and abilities.


Assets School is a critical and vital part of the educational system in Hawaii by providing premier educational services to students who learn differently, such as students who are gifted and/or dyslexic, or simply bright learners struggling in school. Assets provides a learning environment for youngsters who faltered in typical, mainstream settings and need an alternative approach. There is no other school like it in the State.  


Over the next several years, Assets School will experience unprecedented growth and expansion to increase our capacity to serve children with learning differences.


During summer, Assets High School opened its doors on the former campus of Academy of the Pacific School in Alewa Heights, allowing us to grow our high school and better serve our adolescent population.  This beautiful campus provides a unique village style learning environment that complements our highly customized curriculum.


Last year, Assets completed the purchase of the three-and-a-half acre site that the school had been leasing for the past 21 years. Future plans for the One Ohana Nui Way location include building a new campus for our K-8 program. Preliminary design ideas are aesthetically pleasing, pragmatic and futuristic.


“Assets is growing in so many exciting ways and I couldn’t be happier. This growth helps us offer our specialized program to more children with learning differences who need our services,” says Head of School Paul Singer.


“Assets provides learning that transforms lives through a curriculum that is specifically designed for each student. Our low student-to-teacher ratio is what allows us to provide the necessary time and attention that is essential for the success of each child,” Singer says. “Our students are bright, creative, outside-the-box thinkers. Assets allows them to achieve their fullest potential in a student-centered and accepting atmosphere that instills confidence and resilience. Our program provides them with the tools they need to empower themselves as life-long learners.”   


“In fact, more than 95 percent of our high school graduates pursue higher education. Not only is this percentage comparable to other top college preparatory schools, but our students also attend the same colleges and universities as well,” added Singer. “Because of Assets, these kids who would not have had the skills, confidence and self-awareness to pursue higher education, go on to colleges and universities and succeed.”


Is your child bright, but struggling to learn to read, write or spell? Does your child feel discouraged and anxious about school? If so, Assets School may be the right choice for your family. Our teachers understand the importance of creating an environment where children can discover the joy of learning. We provide an individualized, integrated learning environment for students who are gifted, dyslexic or just learn differently. 



K–8 Campus: One Ohana Nui Way, Honolulu, HI 96818
High School Campus: 913 Alewa Drive, Honolulu, HI 96817
Assets-School.net, (808) 423-1356


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