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Kawaiaha‘o Church School

Photos: Kawaiaha‘o Church School


Established in 1975, Kawaiaha‘o Church School offers a Christian-based Montessori environment, rich in Hawaiian culture.  It offers programs for toddlers 15 months through Grade 3; two primary classroom supports a Hawaiian bilingual program. Kawaiaha‘o is centrally located in downtown Honolulu providing students access to many public and private community services and historical landmarks. In this rich environment the children thrive in the spirit of diversity. Committed teachers work closely with the students in developing their spiritual, intellectual, emotional and physical potential.


Our youngest child begins their journey acquiring language while developing cognitive and motor skills. In their primary years, materials and the environment guide them to concentration, independence and an internal sense of order, progressing from concrete to abstract. Our elementary program also reaches children through various forms of intelligence, thus educating the whole child. Teachers focus on asking questions that inspire students to inquire, analyze and evaluate as fully engaged learners. Our emphasis on Hawaiian culture is deeply imbedded into our culture based curriculum experienced throughout all programs.  


“Both of my children have attended Kawaiaha‘o Church School for the last 5 years. Academics are excellent, but more importantly, KCS has provided them a secure, nurturing environment where they have developed a love of learning and respect for others and the world we live in. The kumu are fabulous, they truly care about their students, and the individualized attention my kids receive has been instrumental in helping them realize their full potential.” – LeeAnn Crabbe, Parent/Downtown Executive


Our goal is to provide students with knowledge and tools supporting confident learners who value cultural diversity and the skills to navigate the journey of learning and living that connect us from one person and place to another as stewards of our environment.



872 Mission Lane, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, (808) 585-0622, KawaiahaoSchool.org



Montessori Community School

Photo: Rae Huo


Patsy Tom, Head of School

Independent and critical thinkers. Self-directed learners. Problem solvers. Creative self-starters. These are terms parents, educators, and academic experts use to describe Montessori Community School students. 


The hallmark of a Montessori education is the way it fosters a joy of learning in an environment that stresses practical lessons and physical activity to help students absorb academic concepts and life skills. Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergei Brin credit much of their success to their Montessori education, which encouraged them to be self-motivated learners.


Montessori Community School has provided a small-school learning environment for over 40 years and is accredited by the Hawaii Association of Independent Schools and the American Montessori Society. Dedicated teachers educate children from preschool through sixth grade with a curriculum that emphasizes academics, peace education, and environmental studies to develop well-rounded students who are respectful of others and the natural world.  


“Montessori Community School encourages my son to develop a sense of community with students in all grades. He has the freedom to pursue his interests through self-directed learning and hands-on experiences. I highly recommend Montessori Community School for families seeking a nurturing educational experience for their children” said MCS parent Kurt Matsumoto.


We have a unique and successful model for evolving students’ minds and bodies. We help children ‘learn how to learn’ and thrive by cultivating independence and confidence,” said Head of School Patsy Tom.  



1239 Nehoa Street, Honolulu, HI 96822, (808) 522-0244, montessorihawaii.org


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