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Trinity Christian School

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Stephen Sprague, Headmaster

What makes for a truly great education?  There are many factors: great teachers, an environment that fosters learning, a consistent and effective philosophy of education, a clear and compelling purpose for students, and unity among a skilled group of faculty.  These factors come together beautifully in Windward Oahu’s Trinity Christian School (TCS), a fully-accredited, co-educational, college preparatory school serving 360 students PK-12.  


TCS fills a very distinctive place among Oahu’s education options as the only classical Christian school.  First, its Christ-centered mission compels the school to do all things with excellence and in service to God and its community.  Graduates are well-equipped and inspired to thrive in college and subsequently shape culture as professional, articulate, and virtuous young men and women. 


Second, its classical form of education has a proven track record stretching back centuries. It is rooted in the Western liberal arts tradition with the conviction that this method best prepares students for life and leadership in a contemporary world.  The liberal arts derive their label from the Latin liber meaning “free.” A student who is then well-educated in the liberal arts will not be enslaved to a body of knowledge, but rather equipped with the “tools of learning” to freely pursue a career in virtually any field, whether it is law, medicine, engineering, business, or public service.


TCS passionately pursues these two convictions with a very effective program.  With the firm belief that access to quality teachers makes the biggest difference in the lives of students, its Elementary School limits classroom sizes to 18 students, and then further augments the classroom teachers with specialists in Hawaiian language, Latin, art, music, swimming, and physical education.  Its rigorous science and humanities program enables students to score well above national norms on standardized tests and on par with very successful classical Christian schools on the mainland.  


The Secondary School builds on this program and further challenges students in mastery of logic and rhetoric through the core classes of history, literature, writing, math, science, and theology.  The secondary program also integrates art, choir, drama, debate, and foreign language. TCS provides extra-curricular activities and competitive sports for boys and girls (soccer, volleyball, and basketball) for grades 4-12.  And, as a capstone to a classical education, seniors travel to Europe for a two-week study tour (pictured above.)    


Since expanding to a secondary school in 2007, Trinity students and graduates have enjoyed superb success.  Varsity sports teams have won multiple league championships.  Students have won the State Championship in Speech and Debate and traveled to Nationals.  And, after three graduating classes, 100% of graduating seniors have gone onto college with several being awarded academic, sports, and art scholarships.  Even at college, graduates of TCS report being very well-prepared and have earned numerous opportunities and recognitions.


Headmaster Stephen Sprague summarizes the school this way, “Trinity has a very personal, community feel.  Partnership with parents gives us a great spirit of unity as we pursue very lofty goals for our children.  The most important factor in their success is the teachers, and Trinity benefits from excellent educators with incredible experience.  They, like many of our families, are drawn to both the mission and culture of our school.”



875 Auloa Rd., Kailua, HI 96734, (808) 262-8501, TCSKailua.net


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