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The St. Andrew’s Schools

The Priory for Girls  • The Prep for Boys •  Queen Emma Preschool

Photos: The St. Andrew’s Schools 




The Priory (K-12) endures as Hawaii’s premier college preparatory program for girls, graduating confident and articulate young women who go on to achieve greatness in Hawaii and around the world.  Notable distinctions of The Priory experience include: 


  • Legacy – 148 years of excellence in education as the first all-girls school on Oahu and the oldest in Hawaii.

  • Differentiated Instruction – Committed to ensuring the growth, engagement, and joy of learning for all of our students, The Priory responds to the individual needs and interests of each student, supported by meaningful student/teacher relationships and small class sizes.

  • Priory in the City – Mere steps from the heart of downtown Honolulu, The Priory nurtures and empowers the next generation of women leaders through networking, mentoring, and internships with local government, leading businesses and non-profits, arts and cultural centers, and healthcare systems.

  • iPriory – Pioneering a different way of learning and growing that reflects the world our students will encounter upon graduation, we have reconceptualized what it means to ‘do school’.  By harnessing the power of technology, our students learn at any time and in any place and connect with other bright, ambitious students beyond The Priory community, reconceptualizing what it means to ‘do school’.

  • An Investment in Your Daughter’s Future – 100% of graduates go on to college, with graduates over the last nine years earning more than $26 million in merit-based college scholarships.

  • Global Learning – Including diverse world communities as both resources and beneficiaries of student learning, Priory students gain a global perspective that is essential in today’s world. 




The Prep (K-5) embraces the inherent joy and energy of boys and is designed specifically for how they learn best – through collaboration, exploration, movement, and play. Notable distinctions of The Prep experience include:


  • On the Forefront of Education – The only all-boys elementary school in Hawaii.

  • How Boys Learn – A curriculum that delivers meaningful academics with highly individualized learning and takes into account how boys process the world and when skills are most appropriately taught.   

  • An Integrated Approach to Learning – Theme-based units that integrate the arts and core academic subjects are designed to reinforce learning and help the boys make connections.

  • Hands-on Learning through Engineering Design Process – By the process of asking, imagining, planning, creating, and improving, our boys develop mindsets of scientific curiosity.  Learning is hands-on and fun as our students work on projects that benefit The St. Andrew’s campus and community

  • A Social-Emotional Education – We teach our boys to identify and understand their emotions and those of others, equipping them with the tools to become compassionate citizens of the world.

  • Engagement with and Appreciation for Nature – Our boys play, explore, build, grow, and learn in outside spaces both on and off campus not only to enhance their well-being but to become responsible stewards of the Earth.



224 Queen Emma Square Honolulu, Hawaii 96813, (808) 536-6102, StAndrewsSchools.org


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