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Punahou School

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Jim Scott, President

For 175 years, Punahou School has integrated its tradition of academic excellence with a mission-driven promise to realize the full potential of each child. Punahou students are not only accomplished academically and athletically, they pursue their curiosities and passions. They are guided by values of social responsibility and moral leadership, ultimately using their talents to lead purposeful lives that contribute to our global communities.


Punahou School recognizes the individual promise of each child within a vibrant K – 12 school community that celebrates diversity, inspires excellence and connects students for life. Punahou students develop their own talents, ask their own questions and set their own challenges.


A dynamic culture of learning. In our classrooms, children thrive in a student-centered teaching environment informed by the latest research on the developing brain. Guided by caring, accomplished faculty and accompanied by talented classmates, our students embrace their unique learning journeys, striving for authentic expressions of personal achievement and individual excellence.


A unique place. Built on the lands of Ka Punahou, named for the natural spring discovered centuries ago under a hala tree, Punahou’s 76-acre campus offers expansive outdoor areas for discovery, along with classrooms and small “neighborhoods” that support a child’s learning and age-appropriate development. In the flexible, indoor-outdoor layout of the Omidyar K – 1 Neighborhood; the innovative place-based facilities for grades 2 – 5; the team-centered spaces of Case Middle School; and the collegiate setting of the Academy, students enjoy a campus that supports their growing independence and individual talents. Our world-class facilities include state-of-the art athletic complexes and specialized resources for the performing arts.


An array of choices. From robotics to bioethics, from symphony orchestra to iOS app design, Punahou provides a variety of learning opportunities in academics, athletics and the arts, enabling students to pursue their interests and passions. Our international programs engage students in a future that is increasingly global and collaborative.


Inspiring purpose. We believe that children are able to fulfill their highest potential when they have a strong connection to a greater community. Purposeful learning experiences that inspire a deeper awareness of the world, and the integration of service learning and social responsibility into the fabric of daily life at Punahou is a priority across all grade levels.


Attracting extraordinary students. Punahou students exemplify the diversity and strength of Hawai‘i and reflect the School’s commitment to providing a robust, need-based financial aid program. We welcome children who have the qualities to thrive in our learning environments, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.


“For 175 years, the gift of a Punahou education includes the gift of high expectations; the gift of being among talented and accomplished schoolmates; the gift of attentive teaching; and being a part of a unique community of learners,” says Punahou School President Jim Scott. 



1601 Punahou Street, Honolulu, HI 96822, (808) 944-5714, Punahou.edu


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