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Maryknoll School

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Ask Maryknoll School who their graduates are and the state’s largest co-ed Catholic School will say with pride that they are well-educated young men and women given opportunities and experiences to prepare them to be innovative thinkers, adventurous inquirers, brave and thoughtful risk-takers, and morally responsible citizens. 


“We are proud of our time-honored educational legacy to teach the whole child from our founding Maryknoll Sisters. We hold ourselves accountable to continuing that legacy by creating a consistently excellent learning environment,” says Perry Martin, President.


“Through our dedicated and skilled teachers, we also task ourselves to be accountable to today’s challenges by having our students gain much-desired career skills, such as problem-solving, critical thinking and adaptability, to prepare them as 21st century learners,” Martin says. 


Maryknoll’s outstanding college prep program is the heart of its student-centered classes. Learning is supported by state-of-the-art, tech-enhanced classrooms that assist in creating opportunities for students to be explorers, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs and more. 


The school’s rigorous core curriculum challenges students to master a solid foundation in mathematics, science, language and history, as well as to assimilate, assess and apply what they learn. Science labs, sports facilities (including the multi-purpose Maryknoll Community Center) and art studios offer dynamic and diverse student activities and extracurricular programs for young minds to explore personal interests and discover hidden talents.


Maryknoll has created small, safe and caring classes that enable teachers to know each student’s individual strengths and challenges. “Personalized attention is important to appreciate and help each child’s unique way of gaining knowledge, self discipline, creativity, physical and spiritual growth,” says Martin.


Academic achievement and personal development are equally valued at Maryknoll to develop educated citizens of character. The 88-year-old school’s Habits of the Mind, Heart and Community emphasize awareness of social injustice, deliberated thinking and responsibility to community betterment. 


Maryknoll’s motto of Noblesse Oblige – “to whom much is given; much is expected” – encourages students to expand their learning outside the classroom through community service. “Our students learn to put their knowledge into practice by giving back to the community as contributors to its improvement,” says Martin.


“For generations, Maryknoll has helped families educate their children to become caring and productive members of their communities by holding true to the vision of our founders that every student is a child of God, with personal gifts to be nurtured to realize a promising and successful future,” says Martin. 



1526 Alexander Street, Honolulu, HI 96822, (808) 952-7330, MaryknollSchool.org


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