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La Pietra - Hawaii School for Girls

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Mahina E. Hugo, Head of School

The thirty graduates of La Pietra’s Class of 2015 garnered over $4.7 million in college merit scholarships with 150 college acceptances and 26 percent of the class accepted by a top 50 college or university. As part of the tailored and personalized college process at La Pietra, the all-girls school welcomes over 100 College Admission Directors each year to meet with students to help find the right fit for both each girl and her family. 


Dedicated to developing young women into future leaders, La Pietra has a well-respected reputation for an outstanding college preparatory and life skills curriculum, a robust extracurricular and sports program, and a supportive school environment for individualized learning. More than 20 Advanced Placement courses and continual professional development for teachers help expand choices for diverse academic mastery. A unique block schedule promotes in-depth understanding of subject matter and greater cross-curricular opportunities. 


“The heart of the experience at La Pietra is our commitment from our teachers to nurture student strengths and skills important for college and life,” says Mahina Eleneki Hugo, Head of School.


“We are proud to see girls flourish in the supportive community we have created.”


La Pietra focuses its vision to Educating Young Women to Lead a Life of Achievement and emphasizes values of “confidence, curiosity, and identity” to guide the learning expectations of all. This vision is key to combining the school’s curriculum rigor with exciting and numerous student opportunities, such as guest speakers, increased leadership and mentoring programs, strong athletics, and outstanding service learning to enhance the education of each student. 


Course offerings align with the ideas that passion and self-confidence are as important as ability, creativity is as important as critical thinking, and character is as important as success. Two major programs, Women’s and Gender Studies and Leadership, are essential to the curriculum. These signature programs focus on empowering young women leaders, developing confidence, discovering one’s voice, and thinking outside of the box.


Offering a low 10:1 student teacher ratio, the uniquely sized college prep school has state-of-the-art classrooms that promote the development of competent, confident and curious young women in an innovative and collaborative learning environment. Along with individualized attention and nurturing support from teachers, La Pietra – Hawaii School for Girls is both a catalyst for learning and a welcoming school for young women. 



2933 Poni Moni Road, Honolulu, HI 96815, (808) 922-2744, LaPietra.edu


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