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Perry Martin, President

Maryknoll School’s innovative programs prepare students in grades K-12 to be the next generation of leaders and global citizens. Recognizing that the careers of the future are constantly evolving, Maryknoll offers an array of new academic curriculum pathways that connect students’ interests and passions with real-world opportunities. As the largest coed Catholic school in the state, Maryknoll teaches not only the knowledge and skills for success but also the moral compass, rooted in the teachings of Jesus, to lead a life of integrity and service to others. 


Students entering in kindergarten or grade 1 have the option of being in the Maryknoll Chinese Immersion Program, the first program in Hawai‘i where 50 percent of the school day is taught in English and 50 percent is taught in Mandarin Chinese. Research shows that this type of bilingual environment increases critical thinking abilities, enhances students’ cognitive development and improves performance on standardized tests including English and math.


Hands-on project-based learning is a cornerstone of Maryknoll’s K-8 curriculum. Project Lead The Way classes in 3D design and modeling, robotics, automation and more develop students’ curiosity about the world and lay the foundation for engineering, coding and other STEM fields.


Maryknoll School


Through Maryknoll’s Mx Scholar Programs, students in grades nine-12 can customize their schedules among four areas of focus: STEM and Aerospace, Medical Innovation, Business and Diplomacy and Creative Arts and Expression. Classes expose students to college and career choices through subjects like human anatomy, medical terminology, law, international business, entrepreneurship, theater and music production and more. Students can learn from visiting Mainland professors and sign up to be matched with a mentor from the local business community. They can even learn to fly a plane and earn their private pilot’s license while still in high school.


Maryknoll’s unique partnership with Hawai‘i Pacific University enables high school students to graduate with both a two-year HPU associate degree and a Maryknoll diploma. As a running start on a four-year college degree, this option can provide significant savings of time and money.


Maryknoll’s international Common Goal Diplomacy Games combine athletics, diplomacy and cultural exchange. On the inaugural trip in March 2018, the Maryknoll Boys Varsity I basketball team traveled to Shanghai to play goodwill games, experience homestays and lead student discussions about how to strengthen China-U.S. relations.


Drawing upon more than 90 years of academic excellence, Maryknoll inspires students to apply knowledge, skills, faith and values to solve today’s most pressing issues. In keeping with the school’s motto of Noblesse Oblige, which means, “To whom much is given, much is expected,” Maryknoll students carry on the social conscience that is the legacy of the school’s founding Maryknoll Sisters.


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