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Lei Chic

Lei Chic's guide to the weekend's best events

2014.05.01 03:40 PM

See what’s baggin’ for attention inside the HONOLULU Magazine Food and Dining Editor’s carryall

2014.04.30 03:09 PM

In case you missed it, here are some of the top Lei Chic stories we published this month

2014.04.29 02:30 PM

Local shopping picks from Hawaii Five-0’s costumers

2014.04.28 02:30 PM

Nature Girl produces all-natural bath and cleaning products

2014.04.25 10:30 AM

Lei Chic's guide to the weekend's best events

2014.04.24 01:30 PM

Picks From Our Stylists' Cache

2014.04.23 02:52 PM

Introducing The Hive Co-working Space

2014.04.22 01:30 PM

Oliver Men's Shop and De La Mer band together for a music-inspired men’s jewelry line

2014.04.21 04:12 PM

Honolulu Night Market moves to its new space

2014.04.18 04:35 PM

Lei Chic's guide to the weekend's best events

2014.04.17 05:00 PM

Give yourself an Easter basket worthy of your grown up tastes

2014.04.17 10:03 AM

Kamera Mano Shark Tooth Clutch

2014.04.16 01:54 PM

Moon-inspired style is the perfect phase

2014.04.15 02:00 PM

Sealove Hawaii's mobile fashion boutique

"I sunburn easily." "Salt stings my eyes." "I'm allergic to seaweed." Are you that friend when beach day rolls around? Stop being such a wet beach towel. Luckily, a reason to brave the waves just pulled up.
2014.04.11 03:34 PM

Lei Chic’s guide to the weekend’s best events

2014.04.11 02:59 PM

A Peek Inside HONOLULU Fashion Team's Purses

2014.04.10 04:57 PM

Introducing Lei Chic's New Editor Natalie Schack

Former Lei Chic freelancer who is now Lei Chic’s new editor.
2014.04.09 10:51 AM

A fresh crop of pineapple-inspired designs

2014.04.08 09:02 AM

Miemiko Atelier opens at Ward Centre

2014.04.04 04:30 PM
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