These Sleek New Bikinis Are Made for Ladies Who Prefer Monochrome

This new swimwear line sees the world in black and white … and a little gray.


Photos: Courtesy of Moray Swimwear


Your tees are white. Your jeans are gray. Your little party dress … black. Your heart might live in tropical Hawai‘i, but your soul is monochrome. Things just look better that way.


So it’s tough shopping for a chic bikini these days, when every halfway decent design seems to be covered in flowers or oversaturated with garish colors. Ugh, can we just chill with the whimsical, wanderlust-gypsy stuff?


Hang on, though. A new bathing-suit line debuting soon looks like the perfect solution for those with frou-frou allergies: Moray Swimwear. The 12 different pieces of the collection are crafted from luxe Italian fabrics, in simple yet avant garde cuts that are seamless and hardware free. The best part, the bikinis are mostly available in black, white and gray. Although, OK, you can also get them in a few dark, solid colors, if you’re feeling unusually effusive. Still, the watchword for every Moray suit is cool, cool, cool.



The new line is the brainchild of Cydney Chu, who says, “I found there was a definite lack of suits with the skimpy cuts I prefer that had a modern, edgy, simplistic vibe.”


Chu set out to fix that with this, her debut collection. If you want a hint of some of the inspiration that formed the aesthetic, Chu says she partnered with Blaise Sato of local streetwear brand Crooks & Castles, to get his style expertise as well as a leg up on the manufacturing, wholesaling and retail game.


Interested? Moray’s pieces will be sold as separates and priced between $70 and $150 apiece. Check the website for a preview; online sales are set to open up any day now.




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