Tees for Two


Lei Chic You’re an hour into exploring the new Fighting Eel flagship store and your boyfriend looks downright miserable. But you’ve still got at least a dozen more things you want to try on and you haven’t even hit the accessories yet. But what to do with him?

Send him next door to the TeeTee Bar, obviously.

You already knew the girls behind Fighting Eel were fashion geniuses, but it turns out they’re relationship Einsteins too. After all, what man can resist a TeeTee Bar?

The latest venture from the Fighting Eel gals, TeeTee Bar is hardly your typical t-shirt shop. It's filled to the brim with awesome designy styles, meaning no bikini body tees, not a single “My Grandma went to Waikiki and all I got was this shirt” print, and the place is delightfully void of Red Dirt Shirts. Instead, it offers up handpicked styles from hard-to-find brands like Mighty Fine, Warriors of Radness and 2K, along with a selection of tees from local brands, like Organik Clothing.

With everything from surf-inspired Ando and Friends designs to Cali-hipster Warriors of Radness styles to Mighty Fine rocker tees, the shop is sure to keep your guy occupied. Plus, it's got tons of stuff for women and kids, including children's designs from local favorite Mi Cielo, and asymmetrical and slashed women's fashion tees from brands like RVCA.

Best of all, the shop buys small quantities of everything and has new items coming in weekly, so there’s always something new to peruse.

So he can’t tank your shopping trip.
And you can stop being an “Almost done honey!” tees.

TeeTee Bar, 1131 Bethel St., Honolulu, 808.738.9301.

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