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Sugar, Spice and Everything Ice


Looking back on summer, you have to admit, it’s just not the same now that you’re an adult.

Those carefree days of kicking it with your friends, replaced by even longer days in the office. Those marathon sunbathing sessions, replaced by fears of makeup meltdowns.

Sigh. At least you still have shave ice.

You dig into your high-fructose-no-way-that-color’s-natural cone seeking sweet nostalgia. But ten minutes and a sugar-induced tummy ache later, you realize that much like summer, shave ice was decidedly more appealing when you were a kid.

For a little sweet relief, please your palate with these new and tasty, grown-up versions of your favorite icy treat.  

Lei Chic Sundae Service
The traditional hot fudge sundae sits firmly in your “diet don’t” category. Made with fresh fruit, homemade syrups infused with anti-oxidant rich teas and a scoop of lower-fat-than-regular ice cream gelato on top, The Pacific Place Tea Garden’s shave ice sundaes are deffinitlya less guilty choice. Try the Thai Herbal Tea flavor, or the Matcha Green Tea for a refreshing mid-afternoon pick-me-up. The Pacific Place Tea Garden, Level 3, Ala Moana Center. 808.944.2004.

Lei Chic So Wong But So Right
Thought shave ice had to be sweet? Think again. At the Pineapple Room, chef Lance Kosaka is serving it as a savory appetizer. He combines traditional ceviche ingredients like limejuice, red onions, chilies and fish stock and then freezes it solid. When you order it they shave the broth (making the shave ice) and top it with fresh ahi rolled up with cilantro, onions and coarse sea salt. The whole dish is a tangy, savory and refreshing twist on the shave ice concept. The Pineapple Room by Alan Wong, located at Ala Moana Center inside Macy’s on Level 3, 808.945.6573.

Lei ChicFruity Call
Never content to just be ordinary, Nobu boasts a shave ice that's a far cry from the glorified snow cones of your youth. They start by shaving fruit-infused ice in flavors like white peach, pineapple or passion fruit. Then they top it with homemade fruit syrups, like blood orange or raspberry. Finally, they guild the lily by finishing the whole thing off with a scoop of their house-made dulce de leche ice cream. Nobu Waikiki, 2233 Helumoa Rd., Honolulu. 808.237.6999.

Lei Chic
Seeing Red
Though it’s basically just chocolate cake with a few drops of red food coloring, the red velvet craze has Oahu citizens firmly in its sticky grasp. Kelvin Shimazu, owner of the Shimazu Store, has jumped on the bandwagon. Blending chocolate, cake batter and cream cheese flavors he created a shave ice syrup that tastes just like the ubiquitous cupcakes. He also has a sublime crème brulee flavor he’s making from scratch. Pair the two together for a one-way ticket to sugar-induced heaven. Shimazu Store, 330 N. School St. Suite B, 808.371.8899.

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