Defining Lines


Lei ChicAdmit it. Buying from local designers isn’t always a noble act. You weren’t thinking about fueling the state’s economy when you slipped on that last Fighting Eel dress. And it wasn't exactly on your mind when you stocked up on those cute, locally made headbands at Sugarcane.

Sometimes, you just want to wear something beautiful; something that reflects your attitude; something that makes you feel sexy as hell when you put it on and head out on the town. And you don’t want anyone else to be wearing it quite the way you are.

Lei ChicMai Yamazaki knows all about that. The Honolulu-turned-New York designer produces an edgy, modern line of jewelry designed to complement personal style, without overwhelming the wearer’s look. She named the line I Am Designs, a play on her name and also the intent of her work.

I Am features geometric styles crafted completely from precious metals. Brass lures are strung on delicate silver chains, perfect for layering, while thin gold bars sleekly top off double-finger rings. Earring styles include tiny, cube-cut studs in 18-karat gold and studs made of hammered wire fashioned into triangles and squares. Feminine, but still tough.

Yamazaki creates the pieces in her Brooklyn apartment, sizing rings and necklaces to order, even producing custom work. She’s previously crafted a pair of drop-chain earrings and a men’s ring for clients that ended up becoming part of the line.

The designer is in town this week, bringing work normally available only through her Etsy shop to Fresh Café's Art & Flea event, where she’ll be discounting prices on samples and custom orders.

Helping bring the economy, and sexy, back.

Mai Yamazaki’s I Am Design line is available through her Etsy shop. You can also snag pieces at Fresh Café’s Art & Flea event, held at 831 Queen St., this Thursday from 5 to 11 p.m. And, select styles will be available at Goose and Barnacle, opening soon in New York.

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