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Your poor, tired feet. You expect them to carry the weight of your life – pounding treadmill workouts, marathon shopping sessions, endless standing at parties while you flirt with whatshisname. And usually in four-inch heels to boot.

When it gets too much, you head to the spa for a massage. And your aching feet? They only get a pedicure every few months when you remember.

Treat your toes – and soles and heels – to some pampering of their own with a foot reflexology treatment at the newly opened Oasis Spa.

Each 30 to 60 minute session starts off with a soothing peppermint foot soak to loosen up foot muscles while you relax in a plush recliner. Then the kneading begins, one foot at time, from the center of the arch, moving outward until every last inch has been thoroughly worked through, even the very tips of the toes.

It’s more than just an amazing massage though, as your soles are home to 33 different reflex zones that correspond to all the major organs in your body. Sensitive spots reveal areas that are stressed and need better care. Take your big toes, which are linked to your head, nose and neck. Applying deep pressure will smart if you hunch over a computer a lot, or have a job that requires brain-taxing activities like problem solving or being creative. Rubbing in the middle of the foot hurts? That’s the stomach and liver – signs you could eat better and ease off the happy hours.

Regular treatments can improve circulation, remove toxins, relieve stiff muscles and increase your overall energy level.

So you can be sure your feet won’t fail you now.

Oasis Spa, 1430 Kona St. STE.203, Honolulu, HI 96814. To make an appointment or for more info, call 808.979.9000 or visit

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