Running Man


If they made a movie of the mealtime portion of your life, it would be a Gone with the Wind-worthy marathon – filled with scenes of you scrambling through the pantry for yet another bachelorette meal like Scarlet dug for rotten potatoes. It was a sad day at the end of the month when you tried to make dinner from the remnants in your fridge (salad dressing and a dried-up onion), all because you couldn’t find time to shop.

Since you’re not getting any less busy (and Rhett’s not around to help), use someone else’s time and muscle to stock your fridge, cabinets, and even your closet.

Store 2 Door shopping service will hit up your favorite supermarket, drug store, department store, and even fast-food restaurant and do your shopping for you whenever you need assistance, delivering the goods within 24 hours or less.

And they make it easy as a summer barbeque to order, with straightforward set pricing and member packages offering bulk discounts, like unlimited store visits for one monthly fee. They’re currently only serving 96734, but look out soon for other neighborhoods to be added to their credits.

In the meantime make your list, then call or order online.

And soon, you’ll never be hungry again.

Store 2 Door Hawai‘i operates Monday through Saturday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. Call 808.429.8700 or email

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