Fish Out Of Water


www.leichic.comYou love fish. Opah Chinese style. ‘Ahi black and blue or simply gleaming pink. Fried mahi katsu. Kiawe grilled ulua. But ever since your beloved pet Pinky went belly up in your fish tank, you’ve steered clear of live fins and scales.

 A safer and, dare we say, prettier way to bring real fish back into your home is Loreen Matsushima’s custom gyotaku tiles. An artist raised with fishermen who now works surrounded by sea life as PR and Advertising director for Atlantis Adventures, Matsushima’s observations are absorbed directly into permanent, functional works of art.

First she heads to Chinatown fish markets to select tropical fish with great texture and color – like taape, opelu, or manini. Then using the traditional Japanese fish printing method gyotaku, she imprints a painted image of the fish onto white ceramic tile. Once installed in your bathroom, kitchen, exterior wall, or even the pool, the tiles become a durable part of your architecture, making the ordinary extraordinary – Matsushima’s specialty.

It also leaves room on your walls for other beautiful things.

Because we know there are plenty of other fish in the sea to tempt you.

  Fish On Tile is available by custom order. Email:

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