Dow and Forever


Before you bought your first car, you researched, compared, and only after five test drives signed the papers. And when you met “the one,” you didn’t jump in with both feet until you took him for a test drive, too. All of which is to say: You take contracts very seriously.

That’s why Jason Dow is the one to trust with your one-of-a-kind, personalized wedding ring.

He’s the only custom jewelry designer on O‘ahu to utilize state-of-the-art computer modeling during the design process, and his wide selection of stones and phenomenal level of detail – www.leichic.comfrom specific fonts and lettering to intricate carvings and settings – means he can make real just about anything you can imagine.

After sharing ideas and formulating an initial design scheme in his Coral Loft Chinatown studio, Jason presents a series of hand-drawn or computer-rendered pictures of your ring, working with you to fine-tune design and cost until it perfectly reflects your vision. Then he’ll concoct a three-dimensional wax model of your creation so you can try it on, test size, fit and feel, and simply make sure everything is exactly how you want it to be.

Before it’s set in stone (or platinum),  and till death do you part.

Jason Dow Custom Jewelry is available by appointment at Coral Loft: 1033A Smith St. Chinatown. Call 808.722.3988 or

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