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Salon Chérie's DIY Halloween cat manicure

Hello Kitty


Lei Chic You've been possessed by the Halloween spirit. Well, at least your home has.

But you know if you don your Halloween costume now, like you totally want to, you're gonna get weird looks at work. (You may be possessed, but you're not crazy.)

Here's a tip: dress up your nails instead, with a holiday-inspired look you can rock all month long. Nail extraordinaire Anri Bui of Salon Chérie shows us just how easy and fun it can be.

Looks like the cat's out of the bag.

Lei Chic

What you'll need: purple and black nail polish, base and top coats, acrylic paint in black, lavender and yellow (available at any craft supply store), a tiny paintbrush and small jewels, if desired. Bui says acrylic paint is best for intricate nail art and perfectly safe on your nails.

Lei Chic

Step 1: Start off with a base coat on all nails. Then, apply two coats of purple polish on every nail but your index fingernail, which should get two coats of black polish instead.

Lei Chic

Step 2: Squeeze out tiny amounts of paint and dilute them with a few drops of water, if needed. With a small brush, paint a cat's face on your middle fingernail. (Make sure the ears are filled in as well.) Wash your brush thoroughly and wait a few minutes for the paint to dry before applying the next color.

Lei Chic

Step 3: Apply another layer of base coat to the tip of the nail, below the cat's face. Using a pair of tweezers, place small jewels over the base coat to form a collar. Then paint a tail on the ring fingernail in the shape of a question mark. Thoroughly cover both nails with a layer of top coat, an important step to seal in the paint and jewels.

Lei Chic

Step 4: Return to your index finger and use the yellow acrylic to paint stars over the black polish. Then apply more jewels to your pinky and thumbnails, if desired, using a layer of base coat as glue. Make sure to seal everything with top coat to preserve your work.

Lei Chic

The finished look: A purr-fect way to channel your Halloween spirit!

Prefer to leave the painting to an expert? Get your own cat manicure for $55 from Anri Bui at Salon Chérie, 1888 Kalakaua Ave., Suite 305. For more information, call (808) 277-3027 or click here to download a brochure.

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