Oh Behave



Lei ChicYou love heading downtown for a little tea time with the girls. But you hate catching looks of sympathy over your lack of finger bowl knowledge and incorrect fork usage.

And while you pride yourself as a top-of-your-game businesswoman, there are times when you wished you had read the Miss Manners column a little more closely — like when having lunch with a visiting higher-up or when meeting new contacts at networking events.

Brush up on your basics at Christina Young’s three-part Tea & Manners etiquette course at Tea at 1024. Founder of the East West School of Protocol, Young will teach you how to effortlessly straddle the line between local-style etiquette and mainland formalities.

From honorifics and proper hand shaking methods to business etiquette and knowing how to properly eat soup, you’ll learn how to act like a lady — a smart, modern, savvy career lady with a penchant for politeness.

At an efficient 45-minutes each, the classes will barely make a dent in your power-woman schedule. Plus, they include Tea at 1024’s afternoon tea set, so you can lunch while you learn. You can also register for classes à la carte, and those with a bit more time can hang around for a Q&A session after each class.

So your manners will be spot on,
while you mind your teas and schmooze.

Tea & Manners class series is at Tea at 1024, 1024 Nu‘uanu Ave., $35 per class, $90 pre-payment for series. For more info, e-mail ewetiquette@hawaii.rr.com,  call 808.521.9596, visit www.teaat1024.net or click here.

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