The Nuts and Bolts of Shopping at HONOLULU Fashion Week’s Marketplace

HONOLULU Fashion Week - Nov. 10, 11 & 12



PHOTO COURTESY: Peace of paradise


Hallo-wha? Thanksgive-who? Holiday season for us shopaholics (holla!) means one thing: HONOLULU Fashion Week’s Marketplace. (Well, that and Black Friday.)


The weekend we’ve all been waiting for is finally here and—can we toot our own horn for a hot sec?—it’s gonna to be better than ever. A heftier program, sick shoppable swag and the fiercest new-new from our local who’s who has got us all “CAN WE SIT WITH YOU PLEASE?”


Down, girl.


We want to let you get straight to the shopping ASAP, so we’re giving you a sneak peek at what to expect from our Marketplace come Thursday, from layouts to listings. The better to plan your attack early, map your route and conquer.


Consider it our way of saying “Happy Haulidays.”


The time:

Mark your calendar now!

Thursday, Nov. 10, 5 to 9 p.m.; Friday, Nov. 11, 11 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Saturday, Nov. 12, 11 a.m.  to 9 p.m.


The tastemakers:

We’re all about priorities. Bling box getting low? Hit up the jewelry first! Dying for a new outfit for holiday parties? Our clothing vendors are your best bet.



19th & Whimsy, A-14

Allison Izu, D-3/D-4

Ari South, D-9/D-10

Cameron Hawai‘i, A-4/A-5

Ecolicious, C-3/C-4

HVN Apparel, B-10/B-11

‘IOLANI Sportswear, D-1/D-2

Kini Zamora, D-6/D-7

Kira Hawai‘i, C-2

LulaRoe, C-13

Manaola Hawai‘i, S-9/S-10

Manuheali‘i, D-13/D-14

Medium Reality, B-2

Mikinola, A-12

Missing Polynesia, A-16/A-17

Noa Noa Hawai‘i, A-10/A-11

Peace of Paradise Creations, D-11/D-12

S.I.E. Swim, B-3

Ten Tomorrow, D-5

XIX Palms, B-4

Yireh, C-11



‘Alohi Kai - Jewelry by the Sea, C-9

Blue Bird Jewelry Hawai‘i, A-3

Iratik, C-7

Kai Ea Hawai‘i Jewelry, C-10

Keani Jewelry, A-1

Kuana Elegant Culture, C-1

M33Ms, A-6


Pure Joy Hawai‘i, A-13

Rock Salt Plum Creations, B-8

Salty Girl Jewelry, A-7

Tidepool Love, D-15

Vanessa Pack Jewelry, A-15



Avela, A-8

Ha‘aheo Hawaiian Crafts, B-1

Jana Lam, C-5/C-6

Kahulale‘a, B-6

Razuvan, B-9

Seafoam Green, B-7


Paper Goods

Bradley and Lily, C-8

Mau-House, B-5



Hawai‘i HIS Corporation, S-3/S-4

Kinsen, S-14/S-15

Motives by Loren Ridinger, S-6

Servco, S-1/S-2

Snappily, S-5

State Dept. of Business, Economic Development & Tourism, S-7/S-8

W Salon, S-13


The topography:

Here’s the complete Marketplace layout, so you can make a beeline to your fave vendors. Pro tip: Note where the dressing rooms are! They’re nestled between B-2/B-3, C-2/C-3, B-11/B-12 and C-11/C-12.


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