Samudra’s Chic New One-Shoulder Kaftans

The dress to impress, gals.



Photo Credit: Tara Binek


We may have lost out on one big-time female first this year, but we’re not letting that put a damper on our girl-power trip. Look around and you'll see modern badass babes everywhere taking their industries by storm, from fashion to film to business to sports. It's enough to make you fall in lady love.


Take Surf Jaipur, the latest collection from Samudra, a lady-led local brand whose hot tropical photo pouches are Island fashionistas’ go-to clutches. For this latest line of kaftans, designer Jennifer Binney went back to some of her inspirational roots in India, recalling a trip to Jaipur six years ago that gave her the idea for the name “Samudra,” which means ocean or gathering of waters in Sanskrit. We know what you're thinking: Isn't Jaipur as far from the ocean as can possibly be? For Hawai‘i girl Binney, this collection represents doing things in life that take you out of your comfort zone, whether it be in travel, sport, art or life.


Binney even enlisted Ishita Malaviya as her model, the first female surfer from India. Not only is Malaviya a total girl boss, she kills it in the new Surf Jaipur off-the-shoulder kaftan series, which sports quintessentially Samudra-style tropical photos in vivid pinks, super-bright oranges fading to sunny yellows, and hints of aquamarine blues peeking out along deep greens. Oceans and palms, of course, are the go-to imagery and make a big statement splashed over the boxy-cut kaftans, so breezy and comfy-looking that we can already imagine rocking them beachside.


Also, look for some new totes and a duffel (2017 travel carry-on, here we come), with sassy contrasting neon rope.


Pretty she-chic, right?



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