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Lei Chic Playing tour guide never works to your advantage.

"To your left is uh, hmm, what ridge was that again?"

Sure, you know most of the scenic spots - but you're hit or mostly miss when it comes to the correct names (we won't even mention pronunciation). And the moment anyone asks you for the history, the answer is usually "I think it's because of King Kamehameha."

Your out-of-town friends called. They want their money back.

It's time to rediscover the unique culture of the islands. Let Mana Magazine be your guide.

The new independent magazine dedicated to celebrating Hawaiian arts, music, language, and history just launched with inspiring stories and intriguing snapshots of some of the people in the Hawaiian community.

Find out what rare gift from Hollywood enticed award-winning musician Keola Beamer to meet with the director of The Descendants. Follow a former semi-pro bodyboarder's breathtaking journeys up Oahu's mountain trails. And discover what the new Native Hawaiian designation in the census really means (hint: it's more than just a check box).

As a special offer for the inaugural issue, Lei Chic readers who sign up now can get the bi-monthly magazine delivered to their homes for a discounted price.

So when those same friends ask you, "How do you make poi and where's the best place to get it?"

You'll be ready.

Receive $5 off your year subscription to Mana Magazine if you sign up before Wednesday at 1 p.m. Click here and enter code LEICHIC.

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