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Tender Gloving Care


Lei Chic You were only going to do it a couple of times. Now, you’re in the toes of a full-blown addiction.

Attempts to stave off cravings at home by polishing off a bottle of OPI left you with a raging hangnail and the ragged edge of need (not to mention your cuticles). By Friday, you’re tripping again - back to the nail salon for another round of acrylics.

Get a handle on your problem with a few do-it-yourself finger tips from celebrity manicurist Deborah Lippmann.

1 – Don’t Cut Your Cuticles, Ever.
Cutting not only creates an open avenue for infection, the cuticle will grow back unevenly. If you’ve been snipped, moisturize for seven days then apply a cuticle remover to dissolve dead skin. Moving in little circles, use an orange stick to push the cuticle back and remove any debris left over. Do this regularly and things should be smoother in a few weeks.

2 – Single File
You know not to saw back and forth, but other filing mistakes are sure to end in a split. Leave at least an eighth of an inch of nail above your finger before tapering the tip to keep it strong. And keep in mind your nails look different from different angles. So start shaping with your hands flat on a table, then flip them over, and finish them off with your fingers folded down in a light fist.

3 – Don’t Brush It
The key to non-streaky, unchipped color is to take your time. Lippmann says an even coat takes just three strokes. Set the brush down about a quarter of an inch away from the bottom of your nail, pause for a breath, apply a little pressure so polish naturally flows to the nail edges then pull the brush straight to the tip. Repeat once a little to the left of the middle and once a little to the right.

4 – Moisture and Massage
It doesn’t necessarily matter what’s in the lotion, as long as you’re applying it more than once a day. Keep some at the sink for after every hand washing. And don’t forget to massage the area under the bottom of your nails. That’s where your cuticle is formed and a little extra blood circulation will only help.

Deborah Lippmann is one of several experts who will share their beauty tips this Saturday at Nordstrom. Buy your $15 ticket at any cosmetic counter, and you can use the credit toward any makeup purchase that day. Call 808.953.6100 ext. 1429 for more information.

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