At Knit's End


Lei Chic Your date is arriving in five minutes and for once you’re not running ragged. You’ve got the just sexy-enough outfit, cute clutch, your hair isn’t making unnecessary waves.

All you need is to slip on that statement cuff and - argh! Your perfect look hits a snag – right in the center of your new knit dress.

Last time this happened, your fancy needlework left you with a hole new problem. Now you have a stack of sweaters that are hanging by a thread.

Expert seamstress Susan Medina helps you make a seamless recovery.

Lei Chic
You’ll need: A Snag-Nab It needle from Dritz, which has a file-like end for grabbing those stray threads. Available in various stores for about $3.

Lei Chic

Step 1
Stick the pointed end of the needle straight down the center of the snag.

Lei Chic
Step 2
Pull it slowly through the fabric. The coarse end of the needle should bring the loose thread with it.

Step 3
Tie a knot if the thread is long enough. You can also burn the thread down to keep it from unraveling. Ignite it and almost immediately, extinguish the flame.

Step 4
Gently stretch the fabric back and forth to move the fibers back in place.

You’ll need: A beading needle, which is much slimmer and has a smaller eye than most, matching thread or yarn.

Lei Chic Step 1
Start on the outside of the clothing, weave the needle in and out of the material horizontally about a quarter of an inch above the hole.

Step 2
Gently pull the thread through (pull too hard and the fabric will pucker).

Lei Chic
Step 3
Repeat, moving slowly downward. When you reach the hole, do not pull the two sides together. The thread should stretch across the hole so the fabric still lies evenly.

Lei ChicStep 4
Start the process again on the inside of the garment, this time working vertically so you are essentially weaving through your first layer of thread.

Lei Chic
Step 5
Repeat until you are pleased with the texture of your patch.

Susan Medina does not only repairs, but can recreate garments or design custom items. Call 808.352.3733.

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