Hit the Spot


Lei Chic You may like it a little to left. Or you may like it a little to the right. Maybe at an angle or even completely turned around.  

It’s hard to choose your favorite position. Which is why you’re always rearranging your furniture and trying to freshen up your place.

Local interior designer Sanford T. Hasegawa and his team at 87zero can help. Hasegawa’s 3,000 square-foot furniture showroom, which used to be a secret shop known only to other decorators, just opened to the public last week.

From art deco accents to modern, minimalist finds and contemporary Asian style pieces, 87zero’s got all kinds of home décor items, as well as functional furnishings like FLOR interlocking carpet squares and clean-lined outdoor seating from eco-friendly Mamagreen.  

Looking to spice things up? Grab a few exotic accessories, like an embossed-leather trim mirror and embroidered floral throw pillows from Vietnamese brand Mosaique, or a hand-carved Indonesian-style lamp from BOX Furniture.

And, just to make positioning a snap, there’s Hasegawa’s own 6t9 line of furnishings. Made to embody sleek European forms, its interlocking tables and comfy, modular sofas are designed to fit together seamlessly.

Easy access to design ecstasy?
It’s just the spot you’ve been looking for.

87zero, 870 Kawaiahao St., Honolulu, 808.791.9870. Open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. For more info, visit www.87zerohi.com.



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