Desk Toppers


Annoying co-workers. Shrinking paychecks. A boss that's all up in your business.

Lately the daily grind has you tempted to take a power drill to your cubicle.

To help get you through, we've rounded up a handful of
fantastic work supplies and fun desktop décor sure to cheer you right up—or at least make your office space a little more bearable.

Lei ChicThe Write Stuff
Can’t take another mind-numbing bored-room meeting? Spice things up with one of ATYPYK’s funny little natural wood Mustache Pencils printed with the five famous staches of Salvador Dali, Zorro, Burt Reynolds, Django, and Clark Gable. Tuck one under your nose, wait for your co-worker to turn around and let the giggling ensue.


Lei Chic
Thinking Cap
Step up your desk’s hip quotient with Fred Design’s cheeky Un-Capped pen holder. A whopping seven inches tall and three inches wide of sturdy ceramic, it’s big enough to stash all of your writing instruments and then some—sure to make your fellow worker bees jealous and have them bugging you for pens.

Lei ChicTalk the Talk
Looking to climb the corporate ladder? Then you’ll have to get the lingo down pat. Brush up on your suit speak with Knock Knock's New-and-Improved Corporate Flashcards. The 50-card set comes packed with hilariously helpful definitions like “Multitask (verb): to perform two or more activities concurrently with the goal of increasing productivity or efficiency, generally with limited success. see also INFORMATION OVERLOAD, A.D.D., RITALIN” accompanied by equally amusing example phrases and illustrations.

Lei Chic Take Cover
Nothing screams lame office style like a collection of beat up Sharpies and old ballpoints from the dental office. Time to nab yourself a couple of PPC Inc. Sherpas—chic airtight shells that house a variety of disposable pens, markers and highlighters. They come in a multitude of fun styles, from solid pastel shades to playful motherboard prints and sports-inspired designs. Select style available at Red Pineapple, Ward Centre, 808.593.2733.

Lei ChicJust Your Type
Say goodbye to the days of the sticky space bar and crumb-jammed keys with the ultra-cool I-Tech Virtual Keyboard, which employs a laser beam to generate a light projection of a fully operational keyboard on almost any smooth surface. Just a few inches tall, the battery operated base is programmed with an adaptable technology that studies finger movements to interpret and recognize keystrokes. Compatible with MAC, PC,
PDAs, Blackberrys, and smart phones, it even makes real tapping sounds. Go ahead. Geek out.


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