The Missing Link


Sometimes you like to get down and dirty—with the `aina, that is. But indoors you want to stay as far from soiled flooring as possible (we don’t even want to know what mutations live on the common bar floor). You wouldn’t walk barefoot there, and you’d never sit down on your one-of-a-kind jeans, so it’s time to protect your expensive handbag from those icky organisms, too.

Standing guard between the ground and your shoulder is Luxe Link—a sleek, magnetic purse hook the size of your favorite hoop earring (okay, maybe smaller).

Created by Kaiser alum Kalika Yap (formerly Christine Joy www.leichic.comNacion), Luxe Link comes in more than fifty embossed designs so you can match them to every purse and mood.

There’s a mirrored one for the down-low lipstick check. Cheetah for those wild nights. Swarovski crystal for your sophisticated ensembles. And the newest additions, initials and inspired statements like breathe.

Just unwrap the hook and suspend your bag out of view from the side of your table. When you’re done, wrap it around your purse strap like a charm so it stays compact and at the ready.

That means you can still dish the dirt, without taking it home.

www.leichic.comAvailable at The Wedding Café at Manoa Marketplace, 808. 988.1005, and Ward Warehouse, 808. 591.1005. See styles online at

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