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Softer, I Pumice



Dear Poor, Tired Feet:

I know I’ve been bad. I keep wearing shoes all the time, haven’t gone walking on the beach to at least give you an island-style pedicure (all that rainy winter weather wasn’t my fault, though!); and you don’t need to remind me that old nail polish isn’t helping matters.

But here I am, with an apology and solemn vow to make it up to you.

So let me treat you to Ola’s Volcanic Foot Scrub, handcrafted using naturally healing and restorative local ingredients (it’s even paraben-free).

Volcanic pumice and sea salt will exfoliate your peeling heels and bumpy calluses, and olena, wasabi, and ginger will purify for a deep clean. Next, noni fruit and lemongrass will attack bacteria and increase circulation, making your skin comfortably warm, while kava and mamaki tea soothe your antioxidant thirst. To sweeten the deal, a blend of cocoa butter, passion fruit and coconut oils will make you soft and happy again, and with no oily residue.

Whenever you’re ready, I’ll just add some warm water, and start the scrub massage. You can just relax and soak up the invigorating lemongrass-ginger scent.

Then maybe afterward we could try out those new Jimmy Choo heels?

Available online at www.hawaiianbodyproducts.com, or browse their list of Hawai‘i stores here.

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