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When you were a young lass you couldn’t wait to grow up, see your chest finally fill out, and if you were lucky, become Tom Cruise’s wife (dodged a bullet there). But now that you’ve got the grown-up bod, the sane and loyal hubby, and the newborn, you can’t wait to see what your little one will become.

Whether President, teacher, or yoga instructor, one thing’s certain—your keiki will need to speak well, and Little Ambassadors can provide them a head start. They aim to create a brood of language lovers by teaching Chinese, Japanese and Spanish to kids from birth to 9 years old using the immersion method, where native speakers interact with children only in the chosen language.

Teachers expose kids to native sounds through visual, tactile, and active learning, emphasizing fun, no-pressure exposure so kids can build problem-solving skills and a foundation that makes language easier to learn later on. Even if babies haven’t begun to talk, they can distinguish sounds and master subtle pronunciation differences that adults struggle with (and give us cringe-worthy accents).

Soon your little one will be speaking in a new tongue, but take heart. Mama is the same in any language.

Except maybe in Tom-Kat’s.

Little Ambassadors, 725 Kapi‘olani St., Suite C106 , Honolulu , 808.256.4861, www.littleambassadors.com

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