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Working out at home? Or just feebly doing a few leg lifts during Lost reruns? At this time of year, you figure, you’re getting the same workout you would waiting in line for machines at the gym.

But when you’re not moving much, neither is the scale.

Personal trainer Dawn Quiocho, of Buff Mama Fitness Training, is a firm believer that you don’t ever really need to go to the gym. You can lose weight, get stronger and achieve better definition using just your own body weight for resistance training. And you can do that anywhere.

www.leichic.comA former competitive bodybuilder, Quiocho works out with most of her clients at their homes, in the park or even at their offices. She brings a few training aids – Bosu balls, medicine balls and a jump rope – and creates challenging routines that rival any iron-pumping gym session for results.

And when the “gym” is in your living room or backyard, you can't forget your workout clothes, or run out of time, or get stuck in traffic.

Losing the wait is pretty simple after all.

Buff Mama Personalized Fitness Training, 808.561.0018 or online at

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