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Your thighs aren’t the only thing that’s gotten jiggly lately. That diet of gossip blogs and fashion magazines – with the occasional romance novel – has your mind turning to mush, too.

Isn’t it time you traded in the trashy tabloids for more grown-up reading material? Spice up your life between the covers with a little help from these two bookish sites.

Like a Netflix for books, Paperspine lets you create a list of books you want to read, and prioritize them in the order you want them shipped. Your books are mailed to you with postage paid envelopes, meaning you just pop them in the blue box when you are done reading. Once one is received, the next book on your list automatically ships. Online at

If your daily reading is limited to scanning Blackberry emails while you’re in H-1 gridlock, Daily Lit can help you squeeze in time to read real books. The web site divides a book into chronological excerpts, emailing you one section per day. Each excerpt is the equivalent of reading a few pages, so you’ll get through most books in six weeks or less.  That’s eight books you could be discussing at this year’s cocktail parties – a step up from last year’s Jolie-Pitt play-by-play, indeed. Online at

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