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www.leichic.com You’ve got a thirst for knowledge – liquid knowledge housed in glass. Yummy cocktails, wine, beer, even occasional fruit juice knowledge (as a chaser) is a must, and when it’s free, you’ve really got to know about it. But an open bar in Honolulu? Not even.

Here to prove you wrong (and teach you a thing or two in the process) is the new Honolulu edition of Myopenbar.com, providing a weekly listing of free drink events. Originally created by two Brooklynites, the site has been getting New Yorkers smashed since 2005, but you owe your Honolulu hangover to writer Christa Wittmier, who also pens the Honolulu Nightlife Diaries blog.

A few entries will already be familiar to fellow Lei Chic readers, like Simply Grape’s wine tasting evenings and BYOB nights at Hank’s Haute Dogs, but many more will tickle your alcohol IQ. How about Friday’s one-hour only open bar at the Living Room? Booze on the house Saturday at the W, and thirtyninehotel’s gratis movie night and cheap drinks each Tuesday?

Check the site daily, sign up for a weekly email, comment and suggest new locations, or just send embarrassing photos, though we don’t understand why anyone does this.

Maybe you can explain it to us, after you drink in the knowledge.

One free glass at a time.

My Open Bar Honolulu, text honolulusms@myopenbar.com for today’s listing sent to your mobile phone.

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