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As a kid, when you wanted the answer, you asked mom or dad. Now, you search Google. But Google has its shortcomings. You aren’t always at a computer. Your answer could be on page 8 of the results. The power or Internet could be down – like on Wednesday.

Sometimes it’s faster just to ask someone who knows – if you knew who that was.

Now you do. Text any question to and get a message back in just minutes with an answer from a real person. Based in San Francisco, Mosio is sort of like searching Google via texting. Your questions are answered by Mosio members who are online and can easily search for your answer - like the address of the restaurant you’re heading to, or what’s tying up traffic on the H-1. It’s free – all you have to do is agree to return the favor by answering a question or two when you’re online.

Ask anything. What’s the closest Thai restaurant to Chaminade? Population of Oahu? How big is the Universe? They’ve all been answered on Mosio.

Just don’t ask the unanswerables. Like when will those skinny jeans fit again?

Text questions to Offer answers at

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