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Sponsored Edition: Ooo Ga Ga!


Lei ChicYou never knew life would be like this.

Your days are filled with squeals and sobs.

Then every night, as you lovingly stare at your baby sleeping, you and that proud new dad turn to each other and share one thought.

We don't know what we're doing. And we're pretty sure we're doing it wrong.

Forget labor; the breastfeeding debate alone is enough to rattle you. Then there are car seat questions, diaper dilemmas, and an entire aisle of cribs and strollers that are either perfect or absolutely horrible depending on which of 42 different opinions you listen to.

It’s all enough to make you want to hit the bottle (if only you could).

What you need is an expert, other than your mom or mother-in-law, to cut through the clutter with a real list of what you need to know.

Move your bootie over to Baby Gaga, a series of free workshops to answer parents’ cries for help. Every Saturday, a different professional will tackle key topics. What do most people forget to babyproof? Professionally-trained baby safety expert Gwen Trowbridge knows, and adds why it’s even dangerous to leave your safety latches on once your little one’s not so little any more.   Lactation consultant Patty Anes answers the questions you feel too awkward to ask others.  And Baby Emporium’s Tom Kim talks about the baby gear you really need, as well as the common mistakes you might make when installing that car seat.

The free workshops last an hour.  

Just long enough to pick up a few coos and don’ts to help you sleep like a baby.

Baby Gaga workshops are held every Saturday in March, 5:30 p.m. at the Baby Emporium, 614 Cooke Street. Reservations are required. E-mail editor@islandfamilymagazine.com with which workshop you prefer, phone number and the names of those attending.

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