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Lei Chic Workout.
Pick up dry cleaning.
Wash car.
Grab drinks with friends.

So your "to do" list turned into a "to do later" list.

You can get by without most of your errands. But skipping the grocery store means another week of your famous cheese-and-chips-eaten-over-the-sink for dinner. Looks like the skinny jeans aren't zipping up anytime soon after all.

If only grocery shopping was as easy as getting take-out or delivery pizza.

It's getting close. Several companies will deliver local produce to your door - or pretty close. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) means you'll get everything from lettuce, tomatoes, tangeloes, mangoes and even herbs in season and fresh from the farm. Here's a round-up of the places that make it easy to eat green.

Home/Office Delivery

Just Add Water
Cost: Starting at $22/week for an individual, $32 for family-sizes. Add $7 for home delivery.
Details: Home delivery and pick-up points are limited to East and Windward Oahu. Eggs are also available at $4.50 a half-dozen.

Kula Fields
Cost: Starting at $39/week for enough fruits and vegetables for 3-4 people.
Details: Home delivery is available throughout Maui. On Oahu it's strictly on the East Side. You can add Ba-Le bread, Waialua coffee, or local eggs for an added fee. Kula Fields does do school fundraisers.

Oahu Fresh
Cost: $10 annual fee plus $22.50/week for pick-up, $25/week for home delivery.
Details: Home delivery is limited to Waikiki, Manoa and Makiki. Oahu Fresh has one of the widest ranges of pick-up sites and is willing to add locations if it has 10 subscribers. For an added fee, you can also request Kau Beef, Naked Cow Dairy butters, and Kona coffee.

Pick-Up Only

Ailani Gardens
Cost: $20 for one box of 3-5 lbs. of organic produce. $75 for four weeks.
Details: Ailani Gardens allows you to skip multiple weeks, meaning a four-week subscription can be used anytime throughout the year. There are three pick-up sites, one each in Kailua, Kapolei and Waianae.

Kahumana Farms
Cost: $20/week for organic produce the farms says would retail for twice as much. $10 extra if you don't provide your own box.
Details: Pick up is only at the farm in Waianae, Saturdays from 11 a.m. - 2 p.m.

Mao Farms
Cost: $32/week for enough organic produce for 2-4 people. You must sign up for a minimum of eight weeks.
Details: There are four pick-up sites; two in town, two on the west side.

Otsuji Farms
Cost: At $10 a box, it's the cheapest of all the CSA's. Otsuji's does not do subscriptions, so you need to reserve a box whenever you want one.
Details: Pick-up points are at the farm behind Kaiser High School, or KCC Farmers market.

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