Down to Dizziness


Lei Chic A Guinness after work was a great idea. Add three Guinness, two car bombs, unknown shots of Jameson’s, and all you can tell from the new t-shirt crumpled on your floor and multiple “Where R U?” text messages from your BFF, is that St Patrick's Day was quite a night.

You had the life of Riley. But when the alarm clock jackhammered you awake, you wanted to do a Mulligan. The saltines aren’t working and let’s be frank, you look like glass. All you can do is keep your heavy head down in the office so no one will know how you go mór ar meisce.

Here are some easy -to-digest tips to check out (as soon as your computer screen stops spinning) to ease your hangover.

Eat It
Before the pints, you should be well rested, well hydrated, and fueled up with carbohydrates and salty foods. But if you didn’t, Registered Dietitian Danielle McCauley, who does personal nutrition counseling on Oahu, says the key is to replace the fluids, electrolytes and carbohydrate/energy stores in the liver. So recharge with magnesium and potassium-rich foods such as oranges, cantaloupe, avocadoes, yogurt and soybeans. Add a kick of carbohydrates for a good recovery breakfast. McCauley's suggested menu: a small cup of coffee and milk, scrambled eggs with spinach, a side of hash browns or wheat-toast with peanut butter, and a banana on the side.

Feel the Churn
Can you truly sweat off last night’s shots? Personal trainer Eden Monteilh says exercise can sometimes ease the pain, mainly because you’ll probably drink more fluids. The added boost of endorphins can’t hurt. But leave the Gatorade and energy drinks at home. Monteilh says the high sugar content can just rile up an already upset stomach. Try high-electrolyte, no-sugar alternatives like Crystal Light or Sustain by Melaleuca. And if you turn bright red, pale, sweat too much or too little, or feel dizzy, stop and drop for the rest of the day.

If You Can’t Shake it, Fake it
Don’t let last night be written all over your face. Makeup Artist Kecia Littman says alcohol dries out your skin as well, so use a hydrating serum and moisturizer to fight the dehydration. Packing bags under your eyes? Skip the ice cubes, which can actually slightly burn your skin if left on too long. A cold potato cut in half combined with an eye cream with caffeine and an anti-oxidant will do the trick. Finish it off with concealer over your dark circles plus a highlighter like Christian Dior’s Skinflash to brighten the area. And since beauty comes from within, pop a vitamin B supplement to boost your flagging system.

Registered Dietitian Danielle McCauley offers personal consulting for a range of nutritional needs from weight management to medical diets. Click here for more information or to contact her.

Personal trainer Eden Monteilh runs Fit Wiz Hawaii, which offers classes in Ewa Beach and Kakaako. Click  here for the full schedule.

Makeup Artist Kecia Littman is a licensed estetician, beauty instructor and president of the Bella Torre Academy. Click here to contact her.

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