Fly Like An Ego


Good Self:  Why does it seem that hubby likes turning on the TV more than turning me on?

Bad Self:  I blame it on your Madonna/bore complex. We better do something that catches his undivided attention, quick.

Good Self:   Like what? Hand-knitting him a sweater?

Bad Self [groans.]:   I mean let’s remind him that, ahem, I exist. You know, your naughty side? Why dont we throw an alter ego photo shoot party? We can show off both our personalities—normal boring self (that’s you) alongside something sassy (that’s me). A rocker, starlet, pro surfer, pinup, whatever.

Good Self:  Oooooo, yes! Kind of like Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus….

Bad Self:  Um, only if your normal self is lame and your alter ego is lamer. This is about fulfilling the fantasy of being someone else. Photog Joanne Barratt of Island Style Images sets the scene, complete with lighting, and can bring in hair and makeup folks for a little extra fee. We jut need to assemble our costumes, invite up to 10 of the girls to the house, sip some cocktails and the rest is, well, a snap.

Good Self:  Once he sees the photos, hubby might feel like he’s two timing…

Bad Self:  … But without getting into double trouble.

Alter Ego photo shoot parties, three hour minimum, $200 an hour. To schedule, call Island Style Images 808.638.5050, .

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